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Your website can generate a lot of revenue, but if there is no Video that can explain you business and effective social Media marketing Strategy, it will struggle to reach its potential. That is why Lion Heart Marketing Agency ; delivers end-to-end Social Media Marketing and  Animated Video Production solutions based on goals that matter to you the most. We take time to understand your business and create a strategy to accomplish your commercial objectives. With a smart SMM strategy and video that explain your business, we can help you accelerate growth online and increase your SMM and Video marketing returns.



Animated Video Production

Need your video fast!? We can produce a video in as little as 7 days for a small fee, so you don't have to miss that deadline looming.

You don't want to pay exorbitant prices or receive a cookie-cutter video. At LHMA we don't neither.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is not as simple as it looks. It requires the right strategy, audience analysis and budget prepping to obtain the finest results from SMM campaigns.

With our team of experts,we guarantee to make your social media Management and advertising campaigns a success.

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We are the next generation of the advertising world

Social Media is the quickest form of reaching people nowadays. Whether its news, a social message, business promotions, political campaigns or any other message. With our team of experienced experts, we guarantee to make your social media Marketing and advertising campaigns a success.

Core Development

No fake services. The customer is king, their lives and needs are the inspiration.


Need quality animated video production at an affordable price

We believe brand interaction is key in communication. having a video that explain your business in a way that reasonate with you customers either on your website or on your social media platform. are the heart of successful communication.

  • Quality video at an affordable price
  • Boost conversion
  • Drive engagement
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Fast turn around and Rush order option

Our Process

Social Media Marketing

Select your packages

There are a total of three packages to select, pick the one you know best suits your business, make the payment after which you will download a questionnaire of which you will fill out to give us deep insight about your business.

Creating an Engagement Campaigns and Advertisement

 Launch ads that people will find very hard not to click on it. Our ad specialists will write your copy, headlines, develop images and videos for your campaign. We will also run an A/B split test of youradvertisements to identify which ads are driving the most conversions.

Assign an experience social media manager 

We will  assign a social media manager with experience in  advertising and campaign launch that  will help you decrease costs and increase results. This person will learn about  your business, post quality contents, develop an advertising strategy, and put  it into action.

Monitoring of Ads and Optimization

 Identifying  low-performing areas of your ad campaigns fast. We will keep a close  eye on your campaign daily. If results is no up to your expectations, we will detect it immediately and stop  low quality performing ads. In addition, we can launch new ads to keep the results coming in.

Develop Advertising strategy

Don’t waste a single  dollar unless you have a social media advertising strategy. We will provide a clear and concise ad strategy for your business. It will include proven advertising funnels to show how we plan on turning potential customers into buying customers which will lead to website traffic and conversions.

Reports and Reviews

Know how your paid  advertisements are performing well with great results. the ad specialist will prepare monthly reports and reviews. In addition, we will install conversion tracking tools on your advertisements. This will report the amount of conversions we are generating with our social media advertising services.

Social Media Marketing


what's our Process

Animated Video Production


Step 1: Select your style and length of video below

Step 3: Complete your questionnaire and email it to one of the team, or

Step 5: We deliver your Mov or Mp4 video file in HD 1080p and provide any guidance necessary in it's distribution.

Our veteran team will produce a video for you that communicates your core message in a way that resonates and engages your audience to pay attention and take action even if it's complicated or abstract. With 300+ videos created (And many raving testimonials) they've mastered the art of animated marketing content.

Choose the style and length that best suits your needs. If unsure, provide us with examples of what you like and dislike to ensure we can produce what you need. If you choose the wrong length we can easily adjust during production

Step 2: Make your purchase, and download your questionnaire

Step 4: 

  • For Premium Custom videos: You are introduced to your project manager who will take you through script, storyboard, voice-over, and animation with a chance for unlimited revisions & feedback at each stage (8+ weeks).

    For Explainer/Whiteboard videos: After completing your questionnaire we produce your video in a 'Done-For-You' manner with Script, Voice-over, and Animation (2+ Weeks). You may provide any direction in terms of messaging, scenes, and voice-over before we begin as well as make 2 free sets of revisions once we deliver your final video file.


Choose Your Best Package


Animated Video Packages

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Select your video length

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Explainer Video

Select your video length

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Premium Video
Our Services

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No Fake services. The customer is king, their lives and needs are the inspiration.


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