7 important tips on social media branding 2020


Jul 23, 2020

July 23, 2020

Marketing and Branding on Social Media can be confusing and at the same time easy if planned well. Before you start thinking about social media branding for your product/service and for you not to waste your time thinking o f what to do and what not to do you need to plan your social media marketing strategy effectively.

7 important tips on  social media branding 2020

Social media marketing  is a way of creating content that you have tailor to the context of each individual social media platform in order to build your brand,  drive user engagement, increase your sales and drive website traffic.

What is social media  branding

Social media branding is the use of social networks and digital channels to communicate brand positioning and values ​​with multi-faceted communication and digital strategy.

Branding on social media is much more than just a logo or set of colors and it’s so much more than a cover photo. A brand is how you make your customers feel, and it’s built by taking a consistent approach across every interaction they have with your brand.

Use these 7 actionable Tips in your Social media branding:

Below are the guides to help you uncover strategies to ensure a consistent brand across multiple social media platforms.

#1 Basic Branding

Make sure that you have a consistent logo color palette, bio and boilerplate and ensure your profiles have a common trend that people will recognize as your brand. those graphics and colors and those things can come into play where you’re constantly putting out content and it’s like a certain format that is great branding people can recognize you from those colors they know automatically.

#2 Visual Branding

extend your visual branding by having  the same fonts and colors reflected on your images, videos and graphics in such a way that your audience can recognize your brand across all your social networks. that is a great you know aspect of Social media l branding and you should be consistent in the way that you present yourself graphically but also it’s important to be consistent and the way that you present yourself personally,

#3 Your voice and Tones

this includes something like vocabulary,company catchphrase personality traits, little detail like whether you are to use the term “customers” or “clients”   will help you keep your writing consistent.

#4 Tailor Content

who are you customers? Do they have different age ranges? What  is working on instagram might not work on  twitter or linkedin. Create content that matches and communicates your core message to your customers based on your analysis of  your customers on different social networks.

#5 Be Clear with yourself

So how do you brand yourself on social media in such a way that your content stands out and that you get noticed?

 one of the most important aspects of getting noticed on social media and standing out is having a strong and clear brand.  if your marketing and your branding is confusing, you’re probably losing online. if you try and reach everybody, you will end up reaching nobody So when it comes to building your influence on social media 

I’ve got three clarity power questions for you.

And that’s this: who is your target audience? Who are you trying to reach on social media? This might be a little bit of a rephrasing of the first two.These three power questions are critical to really standing out online and getting noticed. A good sign that you’ve got some work to do is if you don’t have good answers for these questions.

These are like the foundation of success on social media. Like the foundation of taking a strategic, thoughtful approach to growth. So who’s your target audience? Who are you trying to reach? And the answer can’t be everybody because it doesn’t work. If you try and reach everybody, you end up reaching nobody.

The second question is What is your value proposition to them and basically that means What kind of content are you posting, and how often? So if you  know you are trying to reach people who are interested in video, therefore your target audience is not people who are interested in learning how to cook better.

And then who are you and how do you help people? the next thing you need to do is know your audience. This is so important because even though this is your personal brand and these are things that are valuable to you, you’re still trying to know how to attract a certain type of person. 

So you need to know what type of person looks like if you are super into traveling and your brand is all about traveling to little known places so not like super touristy places but you want to travel to places that nobody really goes to your target audience is probably going to be some really avid travelers.

 A big part of this is really knowing yourself before you pick an audience that you want to cater to because you want to know like Who am I and what is it that I want the world to know before you start picking who you’re targeting because you don’t want to lose yourself and your sense of authenticity.

You’re trying so hard to appeal to this specific demographic so a lot of it is going be those core values that set you apart from other people who are in that niche or doing those things or who have a similar personal brand to you, so a big thing is knowing your audience but know yourself before you start trying to handpick the audience that you’re trying to attract. 

So clarity is power and I also encourage you to do a clarity social media audit. as you level up the clarity in your brand, your business, your messaging, your marketing, your content, you will level up your results.

#6 Pick two main social media platforms

Pick two main social media platforms to channel your energy into. What you want to do is, you want to pick one platform that is more long-form so is long-form content where you can add value,that might be YouTube videos that may be podcasting that may be long-form Facebook videos, blog posts 

so pick one platform that adds high value then a secondary platform that adds high engagement so this is where you engage heavily with your followers and you begin building those relationships.

this might be Twitter you may love to tweet,  you might have a way with words or super witty and so you might and you might be great on camera so maybe you have YouTube as more of your long-form content and then you have Twitter as your secondary content. 

you kind of tag-team the two platforms and it just kind of creates this really clean ecosystem you’re not pushing people to Instagram into into Facebook and to YouTube and to podcast you give them two main places to live and to really build those communities so you find that that’s a really really great way to brand yourself personally is not trying to focus on so many social media platforms not trying to grow all of your platforms

but really zeroing in on two platforms that are really going to help you build your audience where one offers high value the other offers high engagement and strong relationships.

#7 quality over quantity

It is so important for you to have quality supporters than a lot of non quality supporters a lot of people get really caught up in vanity metrics. You  want a certain amount of followers or a certain amount of subscribers you don’t need to focus so much on having more people you just need to focus way more on having more quality people and building the followers that you have into those people who want to you know be super loyal to you.

Hope this gives  some sense of direction on  where  to start with your social media marketing and branding.

Leave a comment below if at least one of these  tools that I shared with you was helpful. And then again go and implement it in your business

And if you’re looking for more ways to brand your business using social media Marketing and you don’t have the time to do it yourself our agency is  always  here to help in growing your business through social media marketing

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