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About US

About Lion Heart Marketing Agency

managing a large  followers is not that easy.  Our Social Media marketing service and Animated Video Production are designed to help you manage your social media handles from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to LinkedIn,YouTube and more.  We understand that your followers might get bored if all they get from your social media handles are only images and tet post or about your products and services. We will help you create Animated video and post the right content that connects with your fans or followers and help drive traffic to your website while at it. Using the right advertising solutions, we will also help you create brand awareness, gain followers and generate leads while you focus on other important part of your business.

About Us

It is practically difficult for a  business to grow without social media these days. The reason is that many companies and brands either don’t know how to manage their social media accounts, or they are very busy setting aside the time to do it, for this reason and more

For any business with an online presence, dissatisfied with current results. Our product is quality marketing video production at an affordable price.”

“That’s why we entered this market in the first place, I saw all these massive agencies charging high prices or these cheap studios offering worthless content… barely any companies in the middle… We knew it was possible to offer quality videos at an affordable price, without making massive margins.

  Many businesses are looking to get a marketing agency with special skills on social media management and Animated Video Production That is why we, the now founder of LionHeart marketing Agency, decided to help you manage  your social media Create Quality Animated Video in order to  create awareness for your business, drive traffic to your website, get conversions and make sales for you.

Our plans are fraction of what it would cost hire a dedicated social media managerand Video Studio and you will get a fully maintain campaigns. Our experience and informed team will help you not only to build and effective online presence but will also ensure that it managed and updated in a timely manner.

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